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HP Plate-1

Waterproof & Greaseproof
  • No leakage through the layers.
  • No smell residue will penetrate.
  • Eat any meal hot, liquid or heavy.
Convenient & Economical
  • Weighs 10x less than paper plates.
  • Takes up 10x less space than paper plates.
  • Produces 10x less waste than paper plates.
Microwavable & Heat-Resistant
  • Microwave safe for up to 2 minutes.
  • Heat-resistant to direct hot food contact.
  • Fully greaseproof to even hot grease.
Biodegradable & Eco-friendly
  • Ingredients are natural fiber materials.
  • All our ingredients are sustainably sourced.
  • Remains non-perishable if kept cool & dry.
Sturdy, Durable, Slice-Resistant
  • Will remain sturdy till the last layer thanks to the thick base.
  • Plastic or metal non-serrated edges won’t penetrate.
  • Hydrophobic coating also makes it slice-resistant.
Hygienic, Food-Safe & Sterile
  • FDA approved ingredients & FDA compliant facilities.
  • Natural ingredients are heat-treated & tested for safety.
  • Fully hygienic to share with family & friends to eat off.
family eating from peelware products

Eat More Sustainably

In 2020 Americans threw out 50 billion paper or plastic plates & worldwide we waste 140,000 a second. Meanwhile constantly washing dishes wastes 1-3 gallons of water a minute & is time consuming. Now we’re switching to Peelable Dinnerware for a more convenient, economical & eco-friendly experience. A 10-pack of Peel Plate’s fits on the shelf & will last for 250 meals since each contains 25 peelable layers. Don’t waste 250 bulky disposable plates or waste time & water washing your dishes 250 times, just peel.
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peelware banner

Additional information

Reusable & disposable for you to peel after each meal meaning cleanup is always fast & EZ. Our products are quality checked at each stage of production to ensure they are safe for food-contact & use sustainably sourced paper ingredients. Each layer is fully waterproof, hygenic & odorproof to ensure each new layer is fresh for use. Order a stack for your shelf to last you 1-2+ years without needing to buy thousands of paper or plastic dinnerware plates!