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We invented our line of Peelable Dinnerware products to avoid having to wash dishes or waste thousands of disposable plates. We’re based in the United States & our headquarters are in Florida. Our sustainable material sourcing & manufacturing operations are taking place around the world to provide everyone with a more eco-friendly way to eat daily.

ABOUT – The mission is sustainability.

We can reduce our yearly paper & plastic dinnerware waste output by 10x with our eco-friendly solution. We invented Peelable Dinnerware to change the way we eat when we have to eat multiple times a day. Instead of wasting an entire paper or plastic plate we engineered Peel Plate to be composed of 25 waterproof paper layers that you can use for each meal.

We donate 5% of every order to send our Peel Plates & Peel Bowls overseas to locations that don’t have access to clean water to wash dishes or non-toxic disposable plates with access to proper recycling facilities.

We work 24/7 to ensure our products are sustainably sourced & quality checked for compliance with the FDA & global regulatory bodies for our food-contact products.

Let’s stop polluting the environment & ourselves with microplastics & harmful man-made chemicals & pollutants. 

We back grassroots movements that raise awareness of the damage caused from toxic coatings & ingredients found in most disposable dinnerware products like paper or plastic plates.

We’re partnering & investing in companies developing fully biodegradable & food-safe bio-plastics by 2025 to expand our product-line with more Peelable Dinnerware products.


Our Story

The company started from humble beginnings going from just a dream in the mind of a man in his twenties to a global brand & product-line that levels up how we eat food everyday. Research & development into the technology & manufacturing started out in a garage, then in labs & facilities across the world. Peelware was formed in 2021 & our team includes young sustainable living enthusiasts & experienced business leaders that are working together to bring you our Peelable Dinnerware products. Everyone that works for us uses peelable products at home & on the job, because we love our products with a passion. We know you will love our products too & most important to us is making sure our products are sustainably sourced with a perfect peel each time. We believe in the good people of the world & that together we can adapt to overcome any challenges. We can reduce our total waste output by converting to alternative solutions & what we created here is just one step to take towards that goal.


We truly believe & as do our customers that Peelable Dinnerware is more convenient, eco-friendly & economical than conventional disposable plates. We want everyone to start eating off our dinnerware products like Peel Plate or Peel Bowl because now we only have to use a thin paper layer for each meal. We don’t need to be washing dishes everyday in polluted water or with our valuable freshwater that is limited & which a lot of energy & greenhouse gasses were produced to get it in your faucet. Washing the dishes wastes 1-3 gallons of water a minute & wastes months of your life. Each Peel Plate is sturdy to the last layer thanks to the thick base, which means it provides a dining experience similar to eating off hard dinnerplates, but you can skip the mess & wash less! After a meal, just peel! America currently wastes 50 billion paper or plastic plates a year, so now the alternative is to only use the equivalent 2 billion Peel Plates to produce 10x less waste. 50 billion paper or plastic plates weigh 10x more & take up 10x more space, which means drastically higher delivery costs, storage costs & greenhouse gasses produced for transport to your shelf. On your shelf, you can place a stack of 25-50 Peel Plates to last you all year! For our operations in India commencing in 2023, we want billions of people to switch to Peelable Dinnerware & we will be donating billions of products to reduce their carbon footprint & environmental impact caused by wrongly disposed of non-reusable dinnerware. Together we can level up our sustainability goals to ensure future generations are improving the condition of Earth & humanity with new progress & innovation.